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System Diagnostics, Service & Repair

CTE Career Pathway

CTE Industry Sector

Automotive I

Automotive II

Automotive III

A minimum of 2 courses in a selected pathway are required to complete a pathway

Welcome to Marina's
CTE Program

Our VISION is for all students to become college and career ready with support from family, educators, community and industry partners.

Our MISSION is to create educational and informed career opportunities for all students by teaching state-of-the-art industry skills that combine academic knowledge and hands-on technical training.

What CTE does?


Marina's CTE Program prepares all students for College and Career Readiness. Our CTE courses provide students with access to career pathways, student internships, career exploration activities, leadership skills, and college planning tools.

CTE students take industry relevant classes connecting academics to real-world technical training. Their credentialed teachers are professionals who teach state approved curriculum and become the lifeline for students who are choosing careers and postsecondary education options.


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